Rapat konsolidasi Pendamping PKH dengan TKSK

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Rapat konsolidasi Pendamping PKH dengan TKSK

Cilacap, dinsosmedia – Bertempat di Aula Dinas Tenaga Kerja dan Perindustrian Kabupaten Cilacap di jalan Perwira Cilacap dilaksanakan kegiatan konsolidasi Pendamping PKH dan TKSK.

Acara yang dipimpin langsung oleh Bapak U’ong Suparno, S.Sos, M.Si tersebut dimaksudkan agar Pendamping PKH dan TKSK dapat saling bekerjasama dilapangan dalam menangani masalah sosial.

Dengan kerjasama ini digarapkan penganganan masalah sosial di Kabupaten Cilacap dapat ditangani dengan segera sehingga dapat dirasakan manfaatnya bagi masyarakat Kabupaten Cilacap. (Red-dinsosmedia)



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From your first visit, you’ll know that your smile is welcome at our dental office. Brampton and Bramalea are where most of our patients visit us from.
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This includes glass-ionomer dental cement, which has the added benefit that it releases fluoride. This is the most frequently used alternative. This is the most frequently used alternative. Historically, zinc phosphate dental cement has also been used.
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If you do an effective job of cleaning your teeth each day, you can stop tartar deposits from forming, which can certainly make them less of a problem for your oral health! With that said, they can form in relatively little time, and you should make sure that no tartar is present on your smile. Tartar refers to a buildup of plaque that had time to harden. When present, a deposit of this
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Cryptocurrency is considered an asset for tax purposes, rather than a form of currency. This means that gains or losses made on disposal or exchange of cryptocurrency will often be captured under the tax system – regardless of whether you’re switching between currencies or ‘cashing out’ your asset into AUD.


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